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1st Annual Supplemental Instruction & Tutoring Conference at JCC

  • Share strategies and techniques
  • Improve your SI leadership or tutoring practice
  • Improve your SI/Tutoring programs
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the region
  • Gain experience with academic presentation

Hosted by Jackson Community College (JCC) partnered with the Michigan Tutorial Association (MTA), this practitioner-oriented conference is focused around the themes of improving practices and sharing great ideas with respect to tutoring and Supplemental Instruction programs.


The current conference schedule shows times and session titles. (PDF document)


  • Tutors and SI Leaders from JCC, as well as from other institutions from around the region/state are invited to present and attend. Administrators, counselors, faculty members, and staff are also invited.

  • Saturday, April 21 (all day -- lunch included for pre-registered attendees!)


  • To share strategies, network with other colleagues and institutions, and engage in professional dialog in a conference atmosphere

  • Presenters (especially students) are encouraged -- fill out a proposal form before 29 February. Registration for the conference will begin on February 24. On-site registrations are accepted, but will not receive included lunch.

  • Conference registration is $5; Presenters’ registration fees are waived. Lunch and snacks are included for attendees registering before Monday, 9 April.


JCC has a well-established tutoring program through its Center for Student Success, and is working this year to expand its Supplemental Instruction offerings beyond mathematics and science. As a result, this conference will help to foster ideas and showcase the important work of peer/professional tutors and Supplemental Instruction leaders at JCC and other represented institutions.

The conference is primarily organized by the student tutors and Supplemental Instruction leaders at JCC, with help from faculty, staff and administrators there. Our intention is to have students from multiple institutions attend and present on what they do and how they are improving their tutoring and SI Leader practices within their own contexts. As an academic conference, this is a terrific opportunity for students to put together presentations, practice presenting in a professional context, and network with peers, faculty, and administrators from around the state.


Organized around two keynote speakers and multiple, concurrent breakout sessions over the course the the day, the conference will allow attendees to engage in a variety of discussions with colleagues and coworkers. Keynote speakers, Troy Hicks (Associate Professor of English, Central Michigan University) and Sam Drake (Mathematics Specialist in the Learning Resource Center at Michigan State University), will provide strong vision and help to challenge our thinking about tutoring within and across disciplinary contexts.
  • Dr. Hicks will be sharing a talk entitled “Using Smart Phones for Smarter Tutoring.”
    • I began my career as an educator many years ago as a writing center tutor, and could hardly imagine the possibilities in store with the growth of the internet and mobile technologies. If I had a connected smartphone in my pocket back in those days, I can only imagine how I might use some of the websites and apps that we can now access anytime, anywhere. Bring your smart phone with you and we will explore some powerful, free technologies that can help you connect with students, make better use of your tutoring time, and become more effective in your own academic pursuits.
  • Dr. Drake will be sharing a talk entitled “Building and Keeping a Successful Tutoring Program.”
    • Building, and keeping, a successful tutoring program requires having the right tutoring staff. This talk will focus on how to find and keep your tutoring staff sharp and ready for almost anything.

Many thanks...

This conference would not be possible without the generous support from the following organizations and individuals:
  • Dr. Dan Phelan, President, Jackson Community College
  • Michigan Tutorial Association Board
  • George and Barbara Raven Endowment for Mathematics Education at Jackson Community College
  • Wilbur L. Dungy Endowment for the Sciences at Jackson Community College
  • Center for Student Success at Jackson Community College
  • Monica Bouman, SI Program Coordinator at Jackson Community College
  • Dr. Troy Hicks, Central Michigan University
  • Dr. Samuel Drake, Michigan State University


Feel free to contact Steve Tuckey (tuckeysteven@jccmi.edu) with any questions or concerns.